We have the ability to transform vibration into electrical impulses that travel through nerves into the brain consequently creating “sound”. A very magnificent sensation we possess. This means that our ears serve as mechanical devices!

At Direct Motion Technologies we appreciate how unique sound waves are and how they operate. Whether you’re trying to communicate with an audience through presentation or set the atmosphere for any social event our selection of microphones, speakers, and sound systems will deliver HD quality sound. Let our skilled technicians who specialize in the art of sound make your event a memorable one. We take pride in providing the best audio experience to our clients.

Audio Technology

  • Condenser Microphones.
  • PA systems.
  • Power Amps.
  • Speakers.
  • Subwoofers.
  • Microphone stands.
  • Microphones & wireless systems.
  • Mixers.
  • Monitors.

Direct Motion DJ's

Direct Motion DJ's provides a unique experience in DJ Services. Our inventory consists of the best in DJ Technology. Our team of DJ’s are educated in the art of sound vibrations & light rays. As well as, reading the crowd providing a well harmonized outcome. We handle several occasions with diverse crowds. Prepared with a large quantity of genres to choose from, equipped with HD sound systems and spectacle light displays, sure to please any crowd. Our DJ's keep the dance floor & party in MOTION.

Video Technology Rentals

  • Audio & vocal recording.
  • Conference audio recording.
  • Multi-track recording.
  • Podcast.
  • Pitch shifting/tempo changes.
  • Presentation audio recording.
  • Pre-recorded announcements.
  • Recorded audio can be edited with added special effects.
  • Seminar audio recording.
  • Voice overs.

Audio/Music Mixing & Mastering

  • Audio format converter.
  • Cutting/chopping.
  • Effects.
  • Enhanced audio.
  • Looping.
  • Mastering.
  • Mixing.
  • Music file .exe converter.
  • Post event audio editing.